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How to Get More Eggs from Chickens

ArticlePoultry AdviceTuesday 08 February 2011
If you are looking to buy chickens for sale to get chicken eggs, you will probably want them to produce as many as possible. There are a few simple steps you can take when keeping chickens to make sure that your chicken coops give you plenty of eggs.

Get More Chicken Eggs

First, ensure that your chicken coops allow enough sunlight. The summer is usually the time when your birds will lay the most chicken eggs. This is related to how much sunlight they get and not the heat. Obviously days shorten in winter, which means the egg supply is less. Fix this by installing a light bulb that runs on a timer. This provides the light required for more chicken eggs.

The next step to take when keeping chickens for eggs is to consider their food. Ensure that the diet of your birds is well-balanced. Healthy laying requires a good amount of protein so laying mash can be used for this. However, you need to ensure you add leafy foods and certain fruits that are loved in chicken coops such as grapes. If you have found that your chicken eggs are fragile, add oyster shell to the diet. 

When keeping chickens, keep their stress to a minimum. Anything traumatic will result in fewer chicken eggs being laid. Take the necessary measures to prevent predators from being able to attack. Use netting to stop birds of prey, cats and foxes from infiltrating and causing destruction and stress. 
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