How to Train Racing Pigeons

ArticlePigeon AdviceThursday 09 December 2010

The sport of pigeon racing involves releasing trained racing pigeons, which must return home after covering a certain measured distance. The time of each racing pigeon is carefully calculated, and whichever one is the fastest to come back, wins. Racing pigeons have been used for competition since the mid 1800s, and it is still a pursuit worldwide today, with plenty of racing pigeons for sale. For a guide to training UK racing pigeons, see the following. %%AFC-ADVERT%%

•    To begin pigeon racing training you must let the birds think for themselves. The best way to do this is to release them either individually, or in small groups.

•    You must then basket train a racing pigeon. Place racing pigeons in the basket for about 5 to 10 minutes everyday. This gets them used to being transported and prevents the risk of panic which can end their lives sooner than necessary.

•    Each pigeon racing bird you train should learn from every training session. It is ideal that you have somebody at home who can see if the racing pigeons come back in the order that you released them in.

•    You should be noticing which birds are fit and working on their own, rather than relying on the rest of the pack.

•    When it comes to the first few races on the UK racing pigeons calendar, results can vary for newly trained racing pigeons. Your chances can be greatly improved by maintaining regular and proper training.

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