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Gamekeeper Accused of Using Live Pigeon in Trap

NewsPigeon NewsTuesday 12 April 2011

A court has heard that a gamekeeper in Derbyshire used a trap baited with a live pigeon to catch birds of prey, which is highly illegal. The crime is supposed to have been committed between 14 April and 25 May 2010 on National Trust land in the Upper Derwent Valley. The accused, 39-year old Glenn Brown, has denied the charges laid against him. However, the Magistrate’s Court in Chesterfield heard that the trap was discovered by an RSPB employee. Some bird traps are legal in the UK if a special licence is possessed and if the trap-setter visits the trap every day to make sure the practice is humane and that no non-target species of birds have become caught in it. Mr. Brown has been charged with 7 counts of illegally setting a trap for the purpose of catching or killing wild birds under the Animal Welfare Act 2010 and 4 counts of causing unnecessary suffering to a pigeon, a pheasant and a carrion crow.    

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