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pol chickens for sale
7 chickens for sale - all point of lay, breed is lohman brown, really excellent layer of big brown eggs, ashton under lyne area, they have only just started to lay but the neighbours have complained to my landlord and i have to sell them now or a chance of loosing my home , thanks
Age:5 mths
Category:Chickens for sale
Advert Type:For Sale
Price:£ 15 each
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Quad Blue laced Barnevelders large fowl
Up to a quad of blue laced barnevelders. including a full blue male which is what you need to breed blue laced ...
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old english game bantams
5 young between 14 and 16 weeks old and a last years hen these are the small type bantams
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Bantam cockrel rare breed
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Christmas coop & chicken offer
Christmas only offer! ! ! Brand new 6ft good quality chicken coop Two young hybrid hens Chicken coop is ...
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8new video 
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Pure Brazilian pullets
Two pure Brazilian pullets for sale both from the real stuff only make Brazilian size so don't expect 7/8lb hens. ...
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