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Thinking of buying a Barn Owl?

ArticleBirds of Prey AdviceWednesday 23 February 2011
There are a few things you should consider beforehand...
If you’ve seen owls for sale that you’re interested in buying, there are many things you need to consider first.


Firstly you should consider if you own an aviary big enough to keep an owl in. Owls need lots of space to fly around.


Secondly you need to consider the fact that barn owls are not just for Christmas – they can often live up to 20 years old, so that is a long time to keep a pet! Make sure you are willing to make this commitment before you buy owls. Who will feed the owl when you go on holiday, for example?


If you’re sure you want to buy an owl in the UK, what you need to do now is to get an Article 10 license, issued by DEFRA (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). It is an offence to buy or sell barn owls without this license.


Also, barn owls breed a LOT. So it may prove difficult to re-home the owls that are born as a result of this activity. You can’t just release them into the wild – this is an offence that carries a £5000 fine!

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