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How To Care For Geese

ArticleThursday 09 December 2010

There are a number of different reasons for keeping a geese flock including to get the eggs, for meat, for the feathers or simply to have geese as pets. Geese have also been used very effectively as guard animals for property. If you are thinking of buying geese for sale, you need to know the correct way to care for them, to find out how to care for geese, read on.


Caring For a Geese Flock


  • You need to consider what breed of geese for sale you would like to buy, some a larger than others, some are more aggressive than others and some are better than others for egg laying or meat produce. Domestic geese for sale are generally easy to find and to look after.


  • Your geese flock will need an area in which to live, a good rule of thumb is to allow 1m² of space per goose. You will need to buy at least two geese for sale as a lone goose will be unhappy. Other birds such as ducks can be used as a companions. Geese need a pond or other form of water so you should keep your geese flock somewhere where they have access to this. Geese also need a good amount of pasture to live in and eat.


  • Although a geese flock will eat insects in the pasture and any suitable plant life surrounding the pond, geese still require a healthy diet of bird feed. Specialist poultry food is excellent for feeding a geese flock and supplies all the nutrients that they require. When feeding your geese flock, establish a routine and stick to it.


  • Geese, like all animals require plenty of fresh water. The pond in their enclosure will supply a measure of this but it is likely to be dirty so it should not be the geese’ only supply of water. Change the fresh water everyday and keep it in dishes near where the geese feed.


  • Domestic geese cannot fly because of their size so the pen for your geese for sale only needs a fence of roughly three feet or so. You should however be mindful of predators such as foxes or birds of prey (when the geese are young).


  • Your geese flock will also need shelter to use at night and during heavy weather such as wind and rain. Your geese flock will need shade during the day and three sided shelter with a roof will be fine. It must be dry and free from draughts. Make sure that you put straw down on the floor and change it regularly.
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