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Breeding Star Finches

ArticleThursday 09 December 2010

Star finches are small greenish birds from the estrildid finch family, native to Northern Australia. These birds have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to their attractive appearance and striking red head.


Looking to buy and breed Star finches? Learn more about breeding these wonderful birds in the guide below.

How to Breed Star Finches: Top Tips

 In order for a Star finch to breed successfully, you'll need to provide a comfortable nesting environment. Try and set up a nesting environment that's fairly enclosed, as these are the best conditions to encourage these birds to breed.

Make sure the nest box has an opening that's at a higher level than the rest of the box - the birds will feel most comfortable at a lower level to the entrance and this could improve the potential for breeding to occur.

Star finches should be left to build their own nests. Place some grass and seed in the nest; a Star finch can use this as the building block to create a nesting environment.

To maximise the chances of successful breeding, birds should be kept to only one mating pair per cage. Different breeding pairs can be placed back together once the breeding period is complete.

Once breeding starts, it's best to stay clear of the nest as your intervention could disrupt the breeding process. Try and ensure plenty of bird seed and water is available during this time - but don't tamper with the nest.

Repeat the point advice after chicks have been born - however, this time leave plenty of live insects and worms close by to allow the mother to nurse the Star finch chicks adequately.

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