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Peacocks for Sale - How to Care for Peacocks

ArticleBird AdviceThursday 09 December 2010

Are you considering buying peacocks for sale? If you are then you are in for a real treat. Peacocks make wonderful pets if you care for them correctly and keep them looking beautiful. This article will give you some information on peacock care in case you are thinking about buying peacocks for sale.


If you live in a rural area with lots of space then peacocks are an excellent choice of pet. Peacocks like to have a large area to roam around. If your peacocks have been hatched where you live then you will find they do not stray very far at all. Peacocks can fly and if they have the chance then they will sleep at night in high trees. If you are worried that your peacocks will fly away then you might choose to keep your peacocks in a pen. If so then there are details below on how to keep the perfect peacock pen.


Peacock Care – Peacocks for Sale


If you are concerned that your peacocks might fly away then you can build a peacock pen. The pen should be at least 8ft high or more so that the peacocks have the space to fly freely and fan their feathers. Chicken wire is suitable for building the peacock pen. The most important thing to remember is that you need to give your peacock enough room to move. If the pen is too small for the peacocks for sale then they will break their feathers and cause themselves other injuries.


Peacocks for Sale – Peacock Shelter


When you buy peacocks for sale you should consider that you will have to provide them with shelter. A shed or barn is the idea shelter for peacocks. If you attach the shed to the peacock pen and bed it with straw then the peacocks will have a place to roost and nest. You should have perches inside the shed that they can sleep on and you might wish to consider putting a warming light inside the shed. One of the most important things to remember is making the pen and shed fox and rodent proof.


Food and Water for Peacocks


Hanging food and water dishes are the best things to use in a peacock pen. Having food hanging from the roof keeps rats and other rodents from eating the food. Hanging or enclosed water dishes are the best so that the peacock droppings do not contaminate the water.  


Chicken pellets and mixed grains form the staple food for peacocks. Peacocks will eat most things and they particularly enjoy fruit and vegetables. You should never feed peacocks food with small bones in it as they can easily choke.



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