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Macaws for sale
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Macaws for sale Parrots for sale in West Midlands

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scarlet macaws tamed and friendly
We have these lovely tamed scarlet macaw parrots, they are very friendly, young and have a promissing vocabulary. ...
Category: Macaws for sale - 17 Jun 2015 - 401 views
£ 750 each
blue and gold macaws with scarlet macaws
They are only 13 months old, good looking and have a great vocabulary. They are equally friendly, tamed and come ...
Category: Macaws for sale - 16 Jun 2015 - 216 views
£ 740 each
 Baby macaw parrots Dna tested
This week! ) Hi, ourmacaw parrots are back again ready for 2015! hand reared & hand tame, closed ring id baby ...
Category: Macaws for sale - 12 Jun 2015 - 293 views
£ 700
 dna sexed male and female blue and gold macaw For Sale
5months old, dna sexed male and female blue and gold macaw avaliable now, hatch certificate, close rung, feather ...
Category: Macaws for sale - 05 Jun 2015 - 318 views
£ 600