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Ballsy Birds
Ballsy Birds
Cheeky birds of prey steal underwear from locals to use for their nests
Last week an unusual mystery occured at Scottish beauty spot Glenn Esk in Angus. Local skinny dippers were left confused and most likely embarrassed when they discovered their underwear was stolen. This riddle repeatedly continued to happen until a local game keeper discovered the culprets. It appeared that some Red Kite birds had been pinching the panties in order to build their nests. Gamekeeper Dave Clement was studying the surrounding trees when he stumbled across nests which contained a variety of undewear including: socks, pants and knickers. It was clear that the items helped to make great nests although not in
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How to start a chicken farm business
How to start a chicken farm business
It could be argued that the chicken industry today is in a bad state. Cost cutting has led to an all round lower quality in poultry that have had incredible impacts on nature and the environment. People are desperate for ethical and local choices and there is huge potential for the right people that are willing to put in the effort. Running a chicken farm though is hard enough and making a business out of it is something else all too different however it is possible. Not only will you have to be a farmer, but you will have to
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