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How to start a chicken farm business
How to start a chicken farm business
It could be argued that the chicken industry today is in a bad state. Cost cutting has led to an all round lower quality in poultry that have had incredible impacts on nature and the environment. People are desperate for ethical and local choices and there is huge potential for the right people that are willing to put in the effort. Running a chicken farm though is hard enough and making a business out of it is something else all too different however it is possible. Not only will you have to be a farmer, but you will have to
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"Who’s a Clever Boy Then?" Cockatoos Filmed Making Wooden Tools to Reach Food
  The term ‘bird-brained’ may require a rethink after some clever Cockatoos were filmed making and using tools in a laboratory in Austria.   The birds was given a small flat piece of wood after being placed in front of a cage containing a nut.    The feathered friends first tried to get the nut with the wood, which was far too large for the job and couldn’t fit through the gaps in the cage. It was a savvy cockatoo called Fiagro who first realised something smaller was needed, and began to craft smaller sticks . To investigate if other cockatoos could learn this behaviour
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